Playground Peacemakers

We at Ysgol yr Hendy have been busy training our children to be Playground Peacemakers. Through this special training, our Year 5/6 children learnt how to help others resolve problems in positive ways when they arise during playtimes. Typical conflicts that the Playground Peacemakers may help resolve include name-calling, difficulties with sharing, squabbles in games or over equipment, and friendship problems. When two children have a disagreement on the playground, they may seek the Peacemakers’ help. The Peacemakers will then step in and make sure each person has an opportunity to tell his/her side of the story. They have learnt important skills that will allow them to help children to find constructive ways to solve problems. The Peacemakers contribute to creating the cooperative and peaceful school community we always aim for here at Ysgol yr Hendy.