There are many activities on this page to keep the pupils busy and to develop their learning over the time the school is closed. 


Hwb is a digital learning platform that allows pupils and teachers in Wales greater access to online resources. It allows users to access and share information from any internet-enabled device. The Hwb platform is managed and operated by the Welsh Government.


Via the Hwb platform, users have access to a wide range of online learning environments such as;

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Outlook Email

  • OneDrive (cloud-based storage)

  • Just 2 Easy (j2e)

      and other relevant educational tools and resources.


Welsh Government is making these additional services available to help children to access educational resources.


At Ysgol Yr Hendy, we use Hwb and it's additional services to develop our Literacy and Numeracy skills, along with our Digital skills. 


Please click here for instructions on how to use Hwb!


What is j2e?



These are just a few examples of what j2e can offer in terms of digital learning tools!


  • My files = Cloud storage and Just2easy files

  • j2office = Easy to use office tools for education (Writer, Spreadsheet and Present)

  • jit5 = Simple tools for young learners (write, paint, animate, pictogram...)

  • j2data = Data handling, resources and tools

  • jcode = Learn to code, resources and tools

  • j2blast = Improve your times tables and division

  • j2spotlight = Create stop frame animations

 Instructions on how to use J2Blast:

J2 Blast

What is available from Office 365?

 Office 365


Provides FREE access to the much used Microsoft Office tools!

  • Outlook = Email

  • OneDrive = Online Storage

  • Word = Writing 

  • Excel = Databases

  • Powerpoint = Presentations

  • OneNote = Digital Notebook

  • Sway = Reports, Presentations and Newsletters

A wide range of resources can be accessed to support learning, including Encyclopaedia Britannica. There is also an Onlne Safety area with guidance for Learners, Parents and Guardians and for schools. 


Every pupil has a Hwb password. There are lots of activities and resources to develop learning on the platform. All of Key Stage 2 pupils have experience and knowledge of the tools and how to access them. Foundation Phase pupils may need some support. Follow the steps below for advice and guidance on accessing Hwb and its tools.




 The pupils work will be shared on the Just 2 Easy platform found on Hwb. Follow the video to learn how to get access to the work.


Screen Shot 2020 04 23 At 205016


Useful Welsh Apps for Parents

Useful English Apps for Parents


We use Speakr to measure the well-being of the pupils in Key Stage 2. The pupils are welcome to use the website during the time the school is shut.


Minecraft for Education

Every pupil has access to Minecraft:Educational free of charge through their Hwb usernames and passwords. Minecraft is a fantastic resource to develop creativity and perseverance. You could challenge them to recreate part of, or the whole school. They could even design an area they would like to see appear in the future! The app is free of charge, but you have to download the Minecraft:Educational programme on computers and laptops. Click here to go to the website.